Wrestling with a marshmellow

Sometimes journalistic cliches just ricochet off my eyeballs and provoke a titter somewhere below my belly button. To wit this NYTimes revelation of new challenges (boo, hoo) for the drug police:

“Across the country, law enforcement agencies long accustomed to seizures of bagged, smokable marijuana are now wrestling with a surge in marijuana-infused snacks and confections transported illegally across state lines for resale.”

Next up for the SWAT team: raiding kindergarten lunch bags. In the schools which still allow confections. As opposed to the ones requiring Mooch’s carrot sticks.

4 responses to “Wrestling with a marshmellow

  1. sennacherib

    You know what this means, the return of “Screaming Yellow Zonkers”!

  2. Holey moley! I just had another brainstorm. Marijuana that looks like carrot sticks! No worries about the kiddies eating them, and no hassle from the drug cops.

    Gotta go. Heading for the patent office.

  3. Walgreens sells Zonkers. Can’t see how you could infuse popcorn with pot, though. Carrot sticks (with food coloring) might work!

  4. Carrot cake with some weed. Mm…