Tragedy in Brenham

“Hundreds of Blue Bell employees across the country will lose their jobs as the company works on cleaning and sanitizing their production plants. On Friday, Blue Bell said they made the ‘agonizing decision’ to reduce the size of its workforce as well as implement furloughs and salary reductions.”


3 responses to “Tragedy in Brenham

  1. Huh? I would think that you would either hire more people to implement a massive cleanup, along with moving existing employees to the same task while their lines were shut down.

    Who’s running that plant? Obama?

  2. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. But with no product to sell, I can see them bleeding money for salaries. Have to cut some of them.

  3. sennacherib

    Thousands of distraught people wandering aimlessly in HEB parking lots. How much longer can this tragedy be endured?