Never mind El Nino, floods are global warming

Bill Nye, the funny-looking dude with outlandish bow ties plays a nerd on television. And he likes to link his global warming shuck to every disaster. Hence it not only caused the Texas drought. It’s now the cause of the Texas floods.

Never mind the widely-acknowledged culprit, by Accuweather & others called El Nino.

“Nye thinks his alarmism that blames every, single weather event on manmade global warming is just what’s needed to convince more people that the alarmist camp knows what it is talking about,” —Twitchy.

Pity there’s been no global warming recorded for seventeen years now. But that doesn’t stop Nye, Our Little Barry and their warmist cronies, including Texas Tech’s climate “expert” Katherine Hayhoe. Their shuck goes on and on and on.

UPDATE:  And never forget OLB’s best pal and fellow race baiter, Al Sharpton, who also brings God’s wrath into the equation. How convenient. MIA with all of them is the old saw well known to Texas natives that our droughts always end in floods.

One response to “Never mind El Nino, floods are global warming

  1. NASA has recently issued another prediction re Antarctic ice. Something with 2030 being the final year or whatever. Not sure I will see that year, but this is exactly what they are counting upon, I guess.