New storms adding insult to injury

Raining hard at the Rancho [Thursday night] and the radar at 2:30 a.m. suggests much more to come, if the Balcones Escarpment doesn’t break up the big yellow patch moving east as it sometimes does.

I’ve got the watch, as Mr. B. has school and Mrs. C. has work in the morning. The sandbags and towels are in place and I have a cup of sugar-free apple cider to keep me alert.

The situation already went pear-shaped out on Lake Travis not long ago, where the water has risen 25 feet in the past week as of tonight. This El Nino is a bitch.

UPDATE:  The escarpment broke up most of the storms and by mid-morning Friday the sun was out for the first time in a while. More rain expected on Saturday, however, as El Nino continues strong.

MORE:  By Sunday, the 31st, hardly any more rain had fallen and we were forecast to get a clear week ahead of us for the first time in 27 days.

One response to “New storms adding insult to injury

  1. 25 feet in a week? That looks unbelievable from here. Gee.