The fence guy’s late again

The worst thing about dealing with contractors is clearing the decks and planning to see them when they say they will arrive. Then, as in the case of Handy Man Connection’s fence guy, they call and put you off a day. Oh, but they’ll be there between 8:30 and 9 a.m. for sure.

Then, around the appointed time, they call again and say something has come up and the fence guy won’t be there, after all, until, oh, round about 3 p.m. As if none of this could have been foreseen. In fact it’s always like this so it must be foreseen by someone.

What can you do? In the Texas economy, it’s a seller’s market. And the damn privacy fence is falling down. So you wait. And just hope they don’t reschedule again.

UPDATE:  They did. For tomorrow morning. Allegedly.

MORE: He finally showed up, worked through the weekend and did an excellent job. On to the next problem: the dying grass, which means the trees need pruning to let more sunlight in.

4 responses to “The fence guy’s late again

  1. All small contractors over the world are working along the same lines: first they grab as many work orders as they can and then start pacifying the clients by BS-ing them on the phone. Well, why do I tell you what you already know only too well.

  2. It’s amusing, I suppose. Most of these guys never went to college. They just spend their time abusing those who did.

  3. I was kind of wondering about your patio flooding problem – why you can’t put up a cement barrier, like a fence, instead of sandbagging it every time it rains. Or would redirecting all that runoff cause more problems?

  4. Isn’t needed every time it rains, only when it downpours and, as you know, that isn’t that often. It would just redirect more into the French drain which might overwhelm it for a bit. But the main problem is Mrs. C. would object.

    Meanwhile, the promised 8 a.m. has come and gone without the fence guy’s apparition. I do know that he has my $500 worth of wood pickets and posts sticking out of his short-bed truck, so he can’t be otherwise engaged. Probably still abed.