Why we can’t win wars anymore

Mr. B. goes for an interview this morning with some city bureaucrat for a lifeguarding job at a public pool this summer. While I deal with the fence guy (who allegedly will be coming around 8 a.m. after failing again to show yesterday) Mrs. C. must go along with No. 1 son.

Can’t just drop him off, then come back for him. A parent “must be with him at all times,” sayeth the city. If the city can’t trust their own office personnel not to abuse a 15-year-old boy, how can they trust him to lifeguard by himself? Or is a parent expected to sit in the vicinity during his pool shift? Apparently not. Apparently they do trust the supervisor of lifeguards. Can’t imagine why.

What a chicken-shit society we live in. No wonder we can’t win wars anymore.

One response to “Why we can’t win wars anymore

  1. Hm… strange requirement for 15 yrs old, that for sure. But it is a coming thing. The PC wave is going to drown us all.