Come back, Little Sheba, all is forgiven

I used to use this old line as a joke with Mrs. Charm. Like when she drove up to Fort Worth to visit her mother. I’d say it on the phone. Mrs. C. didn’t understand. Forgiven for what? she would gripe.

I couldn’t remember where I’d gotten the line. Now, thanks to Wikipedia, I can. Sort of. I never saw the play (1950) or the movie (1952) which Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer gave an 83 percent. So I must have heard the line in an ad for one or the other on television. When I was a child of six or eight years old.

I am surprised to find out that Little Sheba was a dog. I don’t think I’ll tell Mrs. C.

One response to “Come back, Little Sheba, all is forgiven

  1. Now I know too, thanks to your research.