Obama giving ISIS a pass

Wormtongue isn’t really fighting ISIS, according to a retired Air Force general who ought to know. Even I can see that twelve airstrikes a day is piddlin’.

Not that you would expect more from the Great Divider. He only talks tough. And even then he’s usually lyin’.

Via PowerLine.

4 responses to “Obama giving ISIS a pass

  1. 12 strike sorties per day? Doesn’t tickle them much.

  2. I heard on Fox that the military must guarantee absolutely zero collateral damage before any strike.

    Pretty high bar to get over.

  3. Shit. Dick, delete that comment. I don’t want any visitors.

  4. I deleted the part you were worried about, J.D. Guaranteeing no collateral damage is a bridge too far. Wars don’t work that way, and it’s for sure that bombing doesn’t. But what would Our Little Barry, our adolescent, affirmative-action president, know about wars?