Thank your lucky stars you’re not in Austin, Texas

I paraphrase. Of course the caller at the contra dances where our little pickup band plays every week likes to punctuate his palaver with the positive version of the headline. Not the negative as I am using it.

But, really, he’s beating a dead horse. A horse who suffocated from overcrowding long ago. Some of us locals on the West side of town call it Mopocalypse, as in the apocalyptic state of Mopac Boulevard, bumper-to-bumper traffic all day and most of the night.

Which is what you will  face if you make the mistake of moving here. The good times done rolled and gone. Gone about ten years now. Completely out of sight in the last five. Unless you like loong commutes with uncertain arrival times. California drivers weaving in and out, etc. Beggers—refugees from the Democrat economy elsewhere—with their hands out on every street corner.

Getting the picture? It’s crowded enough without you. Just stay away. Please.

6 responses to “Thank your lucky stars you’re not in Austin, Texas

  1. Live in San Marcos……getting the same way here.

  2. Sennacherib

    This is why Sennacherib’s royal progress has taken him north of Round Rock. Sennacherib reincarnated in Austin on July 7, 195-, in the old Seton hospital, which though Catholic took good care of this Assyrian. Much of the changes we see are just the way of the world and I don’t want to be the stereotype old grouch about it. I do have to admit that in Austin the changes are on steroids administered by an elite politically active group. I won’t go into all of the steps, it’s a long list of dirty laundry, but it all began with the Jeff Freidman council. Only by the sheer luck of time and place have the progressives been able to ride the good times here for so long, but the end for Austin is very close and it will be ugly and I shall be far away. One day I should like to hear your band, perhaps if you publish some sort of schedule.

  3. I’m not a grouch. I’ve lived to see my prediction of 1978 come true. I said Austin would be like New Jersey in twenty years. I was only off by a decade. As for San Marcos, the southern corridor to San Antonio will fill in first, and only then the longer one to Dallas. But, eventually, the center of Texas will be wall-to-wall people, houses and cars, north to south. It’s the way of the world, it seems, to make things unlivable. You’d think, with the Internet, more would move into the countryside and work from home. But no.

    The band, which I call “mine” in the most romantic sense, actually is fronted by two others. I’m just one of their hangers-on. We play for dancers Wednesday nights starting at 7:30 at the Hancock Rec Center off 41st Street. Come see us, come dance. Always room for more.

  4. Sennacherib

    I’ve never considered you a grouch Stanley. I was referring to resistance to my own descent into grouchiness.

  5. That was a subtle way to deflect the waves of Californians descending on your place, I know 😉

  6. Too late, they’re already here. Along with everyone else trying to escape the Obama economy.