Flood watching again

This time it’s from storms out of the Gulf and, we are promised, a tropical depression if not a tropical storm by mid-week, arriving on the coast between Corpus and Houston and pushing inland to us with another 4-6 inches of rain.

Meanwhile, TS Hurricane Carlos, off the west coast of Mexico, could be sending even more rain our way before, after or during the arrival of the Gulf one. The west coast ones often do, if they go far enough northwest before curving back east.

All of which means more rising rivers, creeks and streams, flooded low-lying areas, etc. The good part, if we escape any serious repeat damage, is that the wet ground will insure a cooler-than-normal summer. No one around here will miss the hundred-degree days.

UPDATE:  Tropical Storm Bill due to come ashore Tuesday morning between Corpus Christi and Houston and push inland. We’re bound to get at least some of its rain. Hopefully not a lot.

MORE:  Indeed, we wound up on the dry side of Bill as its remnants pushed northwest and then swung to the north. Got some rain at the rancho, maybe an inch. Good result.

2 responses to “Flood watching again

  1. Wow, it never stops in your neck of the woods.

  2. Probably will, after tomorrow’s 50 percent forecast, for a while. Wait and see. 😉