Why Fahrenheit is right and Celsius is wrong


It’s very logical, too logical for Frogs and others who insist on their contrary forms of measurement. Fortunately, despite all our Europhiles and their attempts to dissuade us from God’s measuring system, we’re still clinging to logic. And if our own Little Barry tries to force yours on us via executive order, we’ll just ignore his sorry arse.

Face it Froggies, there are those who have used the metric system and there are those who have walked on the moon. And every air traffic controller in the world today, including in Frogland, still uses our measurement for aircraft speed and altitude. And not yours.

Via Instapundit.

4 responses to “Why Fahrenheit is right and Celsius is wrong

  1. Horse doovers, Dick. It’s all a matter of what you get used to. I have problems with F and C from years of analytical work. Analytical (scientific) work is mostly in metric units, so I have a good sense of the temperature of materials I’m working with when using C. On the other hand, for some weird reason, when I think about the outside temp it’s almost impossible for my mind to get from F to C – I only understand how hot or cold it is outside in F.

  2. Did you know (I didn’t) that horse doovers is Brit slang for hors d’oeuvres? Tho I suspect you meant something else. Ahem. You can’t get your mind to work on C’s outside temps because they are illogical. I’m sure Mr. Goon will disagree but he’s closer to Frogland than we are.

  3. Yeah, clinging to the archaic British measuring system will do you all no favors in the long run. As for God-given: now check this out:


    I bet Chinese folks have something to say on the subject too 😉

  4. I doubt that measuring in cubits will work any better than Celsius. When the air traffic control system starts measuring in meters and kilometers we’ll get excited. Not before.