J.D.’s suggestion for the $10 bill

“I have the woman replacement on the $10 bill: Marilyn Chambers. She’d be perfect. I am still undecided on what part of her should be on the front and what part on the back. I guess the obvious is easiest…”

Heh. Good thinking. I mean if we’re going to redo history to suit the politically correct, then let’s go all the way. Umm. So to speak.

Via Mouth of the Brazos.

3 responses to “J.D.’s suggestion for the $10 bill

  1. Why not Dolly Parton then? In addition to all the obvious outstanding qualities, she has a good head for finance.

  2. Why not, indeed. Except that she isn’t dead yet. One could go on and on with this political correctness.

  3. Oh… I didn’t know it was a requirement.