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Incompetence versus gun control

“In many cases the FBI either knew about these shooters, would have if they were monitoring social media, or should have known. It became obvious some time ago that our nation has a problem with taking action to root out incompetence.”

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Shitholes I have known

J.D. hits a homer with this post on Haiti and other shitholes according to Trump. Haiti: “The more they are given the less they have.”

Thanks, in part, to the Clintons.

But face it, people, anywhere but Texas is a shithole.

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Astros in the World Series, Imagine It

“The Yankees catcher, Sanchez (I think his name is Gary) is a fine hitter and catcher I have no doubt at all. I’ve seen his hitting, and he is a batter to be reckoned with. But I don’t think he caught a single ball thrown from the field in the whole ALCS. Every time the Astros sent a guy home, he dropped it, and the run thus scored.”

JD at Mouth of the Brazos, who hasn’t let out the requisite hurrahs yet.

JD’s challenge: Rising Brazos River

As of Monday, anyhow, his most recent post from his home in Brazoria:

“Just stopped in to feed Bosco, check up on stuff, and grab a couple of things. Brazos water is still maybe a block away, toward the river. Which river, by the by, is about five miles wide now. Fortunately for us, it’s five miles wide to the other side. We are (so far) on the high side.”

Five miles wide. Oops. Still a block away, but the sewage plant is underwater.

“Gotta go. No toilets in Brazoria. Sewage treatment plant is underwater, so no drainage is requested. I’m not going to violate that request, though I a[m] relatively positive I’m about the only household that cares if I make shit come up in other folks showers and tubs.”

Thoughtful of you. Good luck. Water’s got to go down sometime. May it be soon.

UPDATE:  He came home on the 6th to find all okay: “This is the second year we’ve had Brazos flooding come fairly close to our house. Think God is giving me a hint? I’m looking for some higher ground.”

Nine years ago on Texas Scribbler

Texas as desert

May 27, 2007

Mouth of the Brazos makes a good point in reviewing the famous John Wayne movie “The Searchers.” Good as the story is, the landscape pretending to be Texas is Utah or Arizona, somewhere flat, dry and dusty.

I still run across Yankees who are amazed to discover we have trees and grass and rolling hills. All because of movies like that one. Good as it is. (But, not being a movie lover, I think Alan Lemay’s book was better.)

How and why the warmists are wrong

From JD at Mouth of the Brazos:

“All the climate change (global warming) freaks are basing their doom predictions on are COMPUTER MODELS. If there is one algorithm in their model that’s wrong, or one regulatory factor omitted, the model isn’t worth a fart in a whirlwind. I’ve seen the same thing in doing science at Dow. It’s why predictive behaviors in any system have to be taken with a humongous grain of salt.”

The very idea that science could accurately model the climate is pure bullshit only impressive to suckers.

First things first

J.D. apparently has found his dream car: a 1979 Chevrolet El Camino. Red. “350 ci, 4-speed auto, Edelbrock 4bbl carb.” Almost fully restored.

“No cruise control. (I had forgotten how tired your damn right foot gets on trips.) No decent stereo. AC poor, but still works. Some slop in the steering. Speedometer is variably inaccurate – not just 10 mph slow, or 15 mph slow or fast, but sometimes 15 slow, sometimes 10. I’ll get these things remedied ASAP, a little at a time. First step is replacing the stereo.”

Priorities. Priorities. Heh.

Via Mouth of the Brazos.