Mr. Boy is now a lifeguard

Yep, after five days of instruction, test-taking, rescue-practicing and how-to-avoid lawsuits, he got his city license and badge of office: a blue, plastic whistle. It makes my ears vibrate when he blows it.

Now he awaits appointment (probably in a week) to a public pool where 15-year-olds can work. Next summer he’ll be old enough to apply to private pools.

More cajones than me. At his age I did not have the self-confidence or the strength to even think about being a lifeguard. Best I could do was delivering newspapers and taking out trash cans for aging widows.

2 responses to “Mr. Boy is now a lifeguard

  1. Heh. Finally I see a confession from you that the youngsters are not all that bad. Cool.

    I had already made peace with the knowledge that both my offsprings surpassed whatever I had in me quite some time ago.

  2. I only follow Mr. B and his cronies and most of them have finally stopped their objectionable behaviors. They’re growing up and getting smarter, or at least learning to hide their dumb.