Getting Independent of Historical Lies

On this Independence Day, it’s time to get independent of the historical lies that have warped most of our minds. For instance, the continuing, celebratory historical narratives—despite a recent dulling of his shiny halo—that still enshrine FDR as the alleged greatest of American presidents. Yes, even before Lincoln.

Never mind our recent discovery that Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration was shot through with Soviet agents, making the New Deal a Communist front. Or that he singlehandedly prevented the late Nicholas Winton, savior of hundreds of Jewish children from the Holocaust, from saving thousands more.

Comes this latest reminder of FDR’s shame: 1936 Olympics track hero Jesse “Owens said, ‘Hitler didn’t snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram.’ [Owens] was never invited to the White House nor were honors bestowed upon him by president Franklin D. Roosevelt…”

Of course not. Roosevelt’s Democrat party was the party of slavery and the post-slavery KKK which was still in business throughout the “New Deal”. Later the party of Bull Connor and the fire hoses turned on MLK’s 1950s marchers protesting segregation. Whatever his personal inclinations (and they don’t seem to have been very exemplary in any case) FDR made sure to tiptoe around racist and anti-Semitic sensibilities.

But you won’t read any of this in the latest elitest biographies whose authors contend that FDR was “one of America’s most beloved leaders.” Which is pure hooey.

The sort of lie which gave birth to cultural relativism which in turn enables the Obama administration’s current cossetting of radical Muslims bent on imposing oppressive sharia law on the rest of us. What goes around, you might say, comes around.

4 responses to “Getting Independent of Historical Lies

  1. Sennacherib

    A good fourth to you honorable scribe. There will be more, many more.

  2. I second your wish, your majesty. Happy hot-dog and bottle-rocket day to you, too.

  3. Oops… Forgot to congratulate you all. Well, FDR notwithstanding you still have a great country there. May it prosper in spite of all these small issues.

  4. None are small, actually, not when you discover much of your recent history was (and remains) a body of lies designed to please the murderous Soviet Union. Indeed, it led to where we are now, imposing constraints on Israel in our capitulation to Abbas in specific and Islam in general—conveniently accepting once again known untruths for only possibly worthwhile ends.

    As for the country, try as he might, Our Little Barry Hussein hasn’t been able to destroy it yet. We’ll probably only be third or fourth on Iran’s list to receive a nuke missile. And, hopefully, it will be headed far away from Texas.