Who had more slaves than Robert E. Lee?

“The return of the Confederacy was averted in the summer of 2015 when major retailers frantically scoured through their vast offerings to purge any images of a car from the Dukes of Hazzard.

“If not for their quick thinking, armies of men in gray might have come marching down the streets of New York and San Francisco to stop off for an Iced Mocha Frappucino ™ at a local Starbucks before restoring slavery….”

Shoot, Mohammed his ownself had more slaves than Robert E. Lee.

“There are no slaves in [Lee’s] Arlington House today, but in the heartlands of Islam, from Saudi mansions to ISIS dungeons, there are still slaves, laboring, beaten, bought, sold, raped and disposed of in Mohammed’s name…”

Not that we’ll be hearing about any of that soon from our race-baiting president.

Humor. Well, humor and fact, from the irrepressible Sultan. Read. It. All.

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