Barry dithers while ISIS crucifies

Crucifies and burns.

While Our Little Barry tells us—from a Pentagon platform, of all places—that guns have never defeated ideologies. Only superior ideas can do that.

Ignoring, as usual, the facts. Such as Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, the Confederacy, and etc. And when you consider Reagan’s buildup of “guns,” in the Strategic Defense Initiative, Soviet communism.

2 responses to “Barry dithers while ISIS crucifies

  1. We have a presidency based not on facts, but wishful thinking. I’m wishing, too. I wish I hadn’t voted for him.

    Kidding. Though I could have voted for myself, or anyone else, in my district/state, and the republican would have still taken Texas.

  2. I have mentioned it already somewhere that your POTUS haven’t studied yet in full the famous missive about a kind word vs a kind word plus a gun (Mr Capone, I believe). He learned only the first part so far.