Selling baby body parts

Aborted fetus body parts. Whew.

I’ve always favored abortion rights, and have known several women who had abortions. Favored so long as the aborted “fetus” was not viable. And viability has changed over the years since Roe v Wade, making 21 weeks now capable of survival and growth to maturity.

Many Democrats, including our mendacious president, however, want no restrictions at all. Wonder how they’ll feel about this wrinkle that apparently keeps Planned Parenthood in the black—so to speak, so many of their clients being black women.

On one level it makes sense. Why discard usable “tissue,” as the body parts trade prefers to think of it, which might help others live better lives? But linked to the whole controversy of abortion, well.

Via Fox News.

UPDATE:  Texas boyo Kevin Williamson: “Trafficking in fetal body parts is a federal crime, and of course Planned Parenthood denies that it is involved in any such thing. A spokesman for the organization, Eric Ferrero, says that Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell pieces of dismembered children for profit, but instead is ‘reimbursed’ for them.”

A distinction without a difference, but their Democrat backers will be persuaded. Those who require persuasion.

MORE:  “Delaying an abortion to sell parts at a higher price is illegal in theory but really, like the Hyde amendment, completely unenforceable in practice.”

2 responses to “Selling baby body parts

  1. Indeed some things don’t bear imagining. I still can’t get over that doctor… where was it, Philly? who was killing the newborn after so called “abortions”.

  2. He was in the body parts “business” too, according to testimony in his trial.