Mysterious Pluto’s true mystery revealed


Just about the time you think NASA’s groaning bureaucracy can groan no more, along comes a triumph to make it seem almost vivacious again —even if the triumph was managed by outsiders. And, in bringing distant Pluto (on right with moon Charon left) into closeup for the first time, the achievement reveals more mysteries than it explains. Making another distant (in miles and in time) visit likely, which should keep the groaning going for another decade or two.  (Click to biggerize.)

2 responses to “Mysterious Pluto’s true mystery revealed

  1. I don’t know why you keep complaining about NASA. After their Martian rovers, which performed exceeding any expectations, they are golden as far as I am concerned.

  2. We’re even because I don’t know why you keep defending them. The Pluto probe was the work of outsiders. The rovers are only the exceptions that prove the rule that NASA has done very little since Apollo to justify their ginormous budget and bureaucracy. They only lost one Apollo crew. They lost two space shuttles and crews and they were only going in circles to begin with.