Golf in decline

Mr. Boy, whose interests appear and disappear with startling regularity, had best hasten to “the good walk spoiled.” It seems the activity that consumed his grandfathers and which he also briefly took to a year or so ago is in danger of disappearing before his adolescent interest revives:

“…about every number coming out recently regarding the state of the sport is a negative, with millennials — as in, young people, as in, the future of the game — in particular abandoning, or having no interest at all in [it].”

Too busy settling in to their parents’ basements, presumably, those parents who still have basements, thanks to our mendacious president’s economic sideswiping of the middle class he and his fellow Democrats proclaim to adore.

At least one person won’t be sorry to hear this news. Akaky of the Passing Parade has had enough of golf already.

Via The Passing Parade.

4 responses to “Golf in decline

  1. Me too. I mean, not being sorry. If I only could figure out baseball…

  2. Well, to start with, the ball is bigger…

  3. …and the guy throwing the much larger ball is doing his best to make sure you don’t hit the ball. This differentiates baseball from golf, where the ball just sits there like a bump on a log waiting for stuff to happen.

  4. Ah, yes, the old “bump on a log.” You do realize these old phrases are dying out and will be gone when we are.