Mr. Boy worked ten hours yesterday in his first paid life-guarding gig for the city and went back for another five hours this afternoon. Lot of hours for a 15-year-old.

He had one semi-funny story. A young mother told him her infant had inadvertently thrown up “a little bit” in the kiddy end. He told her he was “not authorized” to deal with it. Heh.

Could have been worse, he said, an AFR. What’s that? Accidental Fecal Release, in bureaucratic-speak. He’s scheduled to work everyday this week from noon to four.

2 responses to “Lifeguarding

  1. Cool. But you didn’t tell who called whom eventually. Did they call Mr. Boy or you were forced to make the call?

  2. Mrs. Charm kept calling until she got past the stonewalling secretaries and discovered they had his wrong email address. His fault or theirs we never figured out. I suspect it was his fault. He has no love for email, only texting. Once the address was fixed, the assignments rolled in.