Waiting for the call

The city was supposed to have summoned Mr. B. and his new lifeguard license to a summer gig at a public pool this week but, as of Thursday, we’d heard nothing from them. If we don’t hear by this afternoon we’re supposed to call them and find out what’s what.

Although I would argue for calling this morning. The bureaucracy around here (city, county and state) usually bails out early on Friday afternoon. You used to be able to tell it by the sudden increase in traffic. Now, of course, the traffic is bad all the time.

UPDATE:  No call received and none made. On to next week.

2 responses to “Waiting for the call

  1. In Israel no one takes a promise of a bureaucrat to call you seriously. But you are in Austin TX, so it might be different.

  2. I didn’t believe it but Mrs. C. is the trusting sort and Mr. B. is too young to know better. Maybe he will now.