Crazy Bernie would ban handguns

The Democrats’ favorite Socialist (the only one who admits it; and Ma Barker‘s only real opponent so far) Bernie Sanders has staked his new position on handguns: They should be banned, along with shotguns and any other so-called “self-defense” firearm. Can’t have the proles defending themselves, can we?

Thanks for the warning, Bernie. Although just how you’d ban them (if you were our Socialist king) remains to be seen. Somehow I doubt a presidential executive order like that would last long in the courts. But you never know.

Is Bernie an aristo? Not literally, I suppose, but in a real sense, yes. Afterall, he’s a career pol whose major interest (like all of them) is his own re-election, accumulating money and power and prestige.

The Socialism bit is just his means to his end. Or, more likely, Ma Barker’s.

Psst, Bernie. The gun grabbers are losing. Sure you want to align with them?

Via USToday & Bearing Arms.

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