The White Privilege B.S.

I get the point. You would have to be a moron not to. But this fellow’s recitation of why I and other white men are supposed to feel bad about our “privilege” isn’t very convincing. Even if he has, as it says under his byline, a “Doctorate in White Privilege.” Imagine that. He says blacks are more likely to be stopped for the color of their skin, even shot to death, but he offers no proof of either claim.

The “actual facts,” as opposed to, I suppose, the unactual facts, of WP. Nothing there about black guys in polo shirts and khakis getting stopped or shot. But that would be discriminatory, wouldn’t it, expecting them to dress like whitey. Uh huh.

I still think most of the problem of blacks and other minorities tending to be hassled by cops, when it is true, is really a matter of class and behavior. Clothing, behavior, and whatever else denotes one’s social and economic standing.

Dress like a gangbanger, in other words, like Trayvon, and you’ll be treated like one. Get belligerent with a cop like Michael Brown, and you’ll have a gun pulled on you. Run away from a cop like Larry Jackson did and you risk getting shot. How simple is that?

We have blacks in our mostly white Austin neighborhood and no one hassles them because they mow their lawns, wash their cars, go to work every day and dress like the rest of the American middle class. We rarely even see a police car and have never heard a gunshot.

And if that’s too hard, or too debilitating for the ones who are hassled, well, you get what you resemble. Trayvon and his gold grill. Brown and his I’ll-mess-you-up attitude. Jackson and his you-can’t-catch-me-whitey. It’s really as simple as that.

The “white privilege” babble is just the latest excuse for why so many non-performing, unambitious and belligerent blacks are left behind by whites and Asians and, at least in Texas, by Hispanics, too.

UPDATE;  Now, it could be that the White Privilege B.S. was invented by some dimwit white academic. Sounds like it, doesn’t it? But it’s even more probable it was invented by some racist black person because, as The Z Man says:

“The most bigoted people in America are black. In fact, blacks are actively encouraged to wear their prejudices on their sleeve. Every black comic does bits on white people. Famous black people put a lot of effort into ‘keeping it real’ so they can be clear that they are not down with the blue-eyed devil. How many times have you heard a black guy say something like, ‘It is a black thing, you wouldn’t understand’?”

MORE: Example No. 1 of black bigotry: Our very own black president. Well, your president, maybe. To me he’s just THE president.

One response to “The White Privilege B.S.

  1. They get stopped, they act badass with the cop who stopped them, and then are surprised when the cop believes their mouth and actions.

    Pretty stupid.