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The source of black anger

The cult of the African American has been a staple of American society for decades. Black images fill advertising copy. Trendy, especially millennial, white woman want a black man on their arm. Yet visceral, incoherent black anger remains.

“Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. Race relations in America, with regards to blacks, have always been about a series of gates. Blacks who can behave themselves pass through the gate from the ghetto to the suburbs. Blacks with something on the ball can enter into the managerial class, assuming they are willing to accept their symbolic role in the system. The violent and stupid, in contrast, cannot pass through those gates, so they are penned up in urban reservations guarded by the police.”

Those who pass the gates are angriest, because they know the system is real.

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I’m Black Y’all

That, right there, is the sum total of Bronco Bama’s legacy. The same one he had when he was elected in ’08 and again in ’12. And the same one he has in leaving the building. A novelty act for president and little more.

“President Obama is about to shuffle off the stage…as his term finally comes to a close. He has been spending the last weeks of his presidency celebrating himself. This has included giving himself some awards and giving a farewell address that no one bothered to watch. He and his old lady have been popping up on every liberal TV chat show, and sitting with even minor reporters, for farewell interviews. All of which is supposed to be a victory lap, but it feels more like last call at a local dive.”

We could go through here the long list of scandals of his eight years, the ones he denies and his lapdog Democrat news media still is helping him deny, but why bother? Most of his trash will be taken out by the new Trump administration and Obamacare will be excised. He didn’t lend it anything but his name and that was the media’s doing. As the Z Man concludes: Good Riddance.

For now. I’m sure we’ll be hearing Barry Hussein’s prattle for a long time to come. But he’ll be a whole lot easier to ignore.

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UPDATE:  The People’s Cube lists the O Man’s successes for people of all pigments.

The suicidal American left

More from the Z Man (after thanking JD for cluing me in to this guy) on the perils of the Dim attempt to change the electoral vote:

“The truth is, the Left in America is a cult, a suicide cult, that seeks to pull down the support beams of society so the roof collapses on all of us.”

They want a civil war, it seems, which is typically thoughtless of them since about 99 percent of them are unarmed. A “velvet revolution” maybe? Not here, not now. More like blood in the streets of Washington, D.C. and certain cities in California. We won’t fight each other and we know where they live.

“The absurdity of the Russian hacking claims should be enough to put this story to bed long ago, but the media is run by the Cult so they are pumping air into this story every day….The Clinton people were desperate to get their scandals out of the news so they made up the Russian hacking stuff…the public does notice that the people in charge are unwilling to abide by their own rules. To some degree, that is why Trump won the election.”

That’s what “drain the swamp” was all about. Even taking a few truckloads of the Ruling Class’s piss and poop out of it will be salutary for the rest of us. I’m betting, for instance, that our good governor Rick Perry is going to be turning out the lights at the Department of Energy. Ms. DeVos may do the same at the Department of Education. Hence the Cult’s frantic effort to overturn the rule of election law, as they already did with law enforcement at the DOJ and the FBI to save the Hildabitch’s fat butt.

“The number one duty of every ruling elite is to maintain public support of the system that props up the ruling elite. Progressive attempts to kick the legs out from under the system could eventually work. The fact that they will be the first ones sent to the gallows does not seem to bother them. In fact, they probably long for it.”

Indeed, that’s what cults do. They long to follow a Jim Jones and drink the Kool Aid. Good luck, suckers!

Does Comey have a death wish?


Lots to laugh about with the FBI’s announced reopening of the Hildafelon’s emailgate investigation. Imagine not just her outrage but the flabbergast in the nation’s Democrat newsrooms and editorial boards. On the other hand, as the Z man says: “If you are going to strike the queen, you better kill the queen or have plans to leave the country.”

Now the mere fact of Weiner’s survival all this time speaks either to her incompetence or that the Clintons really don’t have people killed for thwarting them. So maybe Comey doesn’t have a death wish. But never mind the Cintons. If she loses the election now the entire Democrat party will be after his ass.

I like this idea from Allen, one of the Z man’s commenters: “My bet is on the Ghost of Directors Past. Can you imagine J. Edgar Hoover hounding you at night? In drag? So, I think he saw that the Clintons had even publicly tied…the FBI to their little criminal enterprise with the #2 guy’s wife, and it was a bridge too far.”

So the queen is now calling for complete disclosure by the FBI of why they’re reopening her previously closed case. But how can they do that? A police agency showing its hand before indictment would be unprecedented. But, then, so is what Comey has done. Either way he looks pretty dumb.

Me, I miss Wilbur Mills and Fanny Fox in the fountain. Scandals were so much easier in their day. Nevertheless, time to lay in a goodly stock of popcorn. The curtain is up and the show has begun. Enjoy.

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The giant graft machine

First up when the Hildafelon is inaugurated as president and gets her paws on the giant graft machine known as the federal government is a new scheme to control private 401Ks, hopefully not older ones like mine but only the newer ones to come. With a built-in skim for the benefit of the Ruling Class.

“You would be forgiven for thinking that this sounds a lot like organized crime. That’s because it is organized crime, except the criminals write the laws, thus legalizing their plunder. This is a feature of the managerial state. It is the big rake. Instead of the criminals eluding the state in order to plunder the people, the criminals acquire credentials, which are a license to skim off a portion of middle class wealth. The whole point of winning office or gaining access is so you can get a taste of the skim.”

Which is what would make a Trump presidency so interesting. And so threatening to what the some call the administrative state but here the Z man calls the managerial state. Not to mention the whole Ruling Class.

‘Cause the billionaire conceivably wouldn’t need the skim the Hildafelon and Slick Willie need so bad they salivate at the very thought. Trump very likely would not play the game. You see now why the system is rigged?

Via the Z Man.

Obama the actor and Hillary the body double

The Z man is quite funny sometimes, and none more so than in these final days of the quadrennial presidential whizbang, the circus Felonia keeps skipping, sleeping her way through the campaign, and sending her body doubles out to debate Trump.

Who is ever more desperate to wipe off the slime the Democrat news media (80 to 85 percent of big media, as Rudy G. recently put it) keeps pouring on him.

“…the one thing about Bubba that we can probably say with certainty,” writes the Z man. “His entire life has been organized around getting laid….Hillary is different…For all anyone knows, she could be a head in a jar and those old fat women we see waddling around from time to time are just body doubles…All of her capers somehow involve her putting cash in her purse. Back in Arkansas, she was the one involved in the phony land deals, bank jobs and influence peddling. Today, she is the one running the money laundering operations, that necessitated the secret e-mail system…”

And Obama? Is he real or is he Memorex, as an old television ad once had it? The Z Man again: “Obama may as well be an actor, for as much as anyone knows about the guy. Even after all these years, his back story remains a mystery to most Americans. He’s simply the young version of  Morgan Freeman playing President in Deep Impact. Staff write his speeches, prepare him for the fake interviews they stage for the public and otherwise direct every aspect of his public performance.”

And he is incredbily boring. Even his cow of a wife, Moochele, is merely a creditable stand-in for Chewbacca. Better looking, maybe, in a way, than the other animals in Star Wars, but still a wookie.

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Why Trump?

“What we are seeing is a public that is coming to the conclusion that the game is rigged. Vote Republican or Democrat and the results are the same and always at odds with the wishes of the people. There are other social forces at work, of course, but the people in charge are undermining the legitimacy of the system over which they preside.”

So we see a Trump riding to the rescue. Except he’s not likely to turn out to be any less crooked than the rest of them. The system needs an overhaul. But I  have no idea how it’s to be accomplished. Armed revolution? Revolutions usually turn out badly, the American one was one of the exceptions. Unless you were a Tory. But that was long ago. In a much smaller and more heterogeneous galaxy far, far away.

Via The Z Man.