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But don’t get me wrong. If Trump is nominated, I’ll sure as hell vote for him. I’d prefer Carly. But, shoot, I’d vote for a used floor mop before I’d vote for Ma Barker, that crooked, lyin’…

Trump may be lyin’, too. Carly may be lyin’, even. But there ain’t no “may be” with Ma and her gang of thieves.

UPDATE:  Trump implodes. Now there’s a surprise. Let’s all get on the outrage bus now.

More than ever I think the NY Dems threw him into the mix to embarrass the GOP. Not that they embarrass all that easily. I mean they took back the Congress and have done nothing they promised to do. A pox on both their houses!

4 responses to “Hairdo

  1. Did someone say hairdoo? A short Trump video on his effect on the conservative base and what will happen to the Democrats:

  2. You really love that movie, don’t you? Hasn’t the PC crowd gotten it banned yet?

  3. Yes, yes I do. It’s not often Hollywood makes difficult and nuanced social statements that stand the test of time. Besides do you realize just how boring it is to hang around the ziggurat with a bunch of scribes chasing you around. Sure, you get to flay alive a pow every once in a awhile, but even that gets old. Thinking about you and your wife Stanley.

  4. After thought, the clip is in my opinion a rather accurate depiction of Donald’s effect on the political scene. As for the movie I wouldn’t be surprised if most if not all of the people involved in it would tow the left’s line if they were alive today But it can’t be undone and it may inspire people (old passe Mesopotamian royalty) in ways they never expected.