Skipping the “debate”

I have no plans to watch the GOP shindig tonight, even if Ted Cruz made the cut. There is no Carly and so, except for Trump, they’ll all be little echoes of each other. Taking swipes at each other, as well, and making their stump speeches.

Trump might be amusing, but no more than that I’d bet. Carly would keep them all on their toes and hit Ma Barker at every opportunity. Will Trump? Maybe, if he can forget about their friendship and all the money he gave her campaign back in ’08 when he called himself a Democrat.

I’ll read the after-action reports when I get time but I’ll skip watching the “talent show.”

UPDATE: “Republicans, wake up.  [Carly] may be the best thing that has happened to you since the proverbial sliced bread.  She would eat Hillary Clinton for breakfast, lunch and dinner, assuming our Lady of Chappaqua isn’t indicted first.”

They’re not called the Stupid Party for nothing.

MORE:  Maybe I should have watched it, like the 24 million others who did. But I had more important things to do.

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