Mrs. Charm finally at the goal line

Seems like it took forever to get Mrs. Charm to her goal line date with the high-dose chemo at M.D. Anderson for her recurring lymphoma. She was in pretty bad shape when we went back Wednesday, after she demanded the docs get moving. Chemo finally began sometime after midnight Thursday in her 15th floor hospital room. It’s expected to continue through Saturday night. The first round of three, that is, with two weeks recovery in between each one.

I’m planning to drive back Sunday morning to pick her up and bring her home the same day, hopefully before dark. U.S. Highway 290 between Austin and Houston is easy. It’s the Houston end that sucks. Driving in six lanes of freeway at 70 mph is hard enough in daylight. Dazzled by all the lights, and the other cars and trucks weaving in and out, it’s much harder at night. Plus my 71-year-old eyes can’t read the signs anymore until I’m almost on top of them. But after three weeks of back and forth frustration I’ve almost got the route memorized.

2 responses to “Mrs. Charm finally at the goal line

  1. It ain’t so bad, once you get to know where your exits are and when to get in the proper exit lane. Mostly, people will even let you in, in a traffic jam where you might have a problem getting over. I would not try pushing my way in at highway speed, though.

  2. Good advice, thanks. A Houston friend tells me everybody there hates 610. Now, if I did it all the time like you do… Course if I did it all the time, I’d be permanently bonkers.