Racist nuts with a cause

Flanagan and Roof. Two racist screwballs with too much time on their hands. One black, one white. Same motive, same m.o. Same quixotic aim: start a race war.

As usual, the Democrats and their half-wit president are blaming guns. So much easier than being a real leader, eh Barry? When it would be smarter to blame the fact that the welfare state pretty much ignores the mentally crazed.

“The patently crazy,” notes blogger John Hinderaker at the link above, “roam the streets unless and until they finally explode in violent acts. This is why the largest mental hospitals in the U.S. are in prisons.”

Um, there was one other apparent difference between Vester Lee and Dylan besides their skin color. V.L. was gay. But, for all we know, Dylan was, too.

UPDATE:  Vester was a poster boy for the Left’s “microaggression” bullshit.

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