Latest gun-free zone failure

Ten dead, seven injured at Oregon Community College where “Possession, use or threatened use of firearms…is prohibited.” Even the lone security guard was unarmed.

As usual, the shooter paid no attention to these pathetic regulations. Only the law-abiding did and, consequently, there was no one to fight back until the cops arrived. By which time the dead were accumulating.

Also as usual our feckless president responded by calling for more gun laws for the law-abiding. As if, you moron.

The message of our failing society is clear: Arm yourself or die.

Via Gateway Pundit.

UPDATE: Might be the work of a jihadi: “The shooter was asking people to stand up and state their religion and then started firing away, Moore said.”

MORE:  Appears he was a self-proclaimed Republican who didn’t like organized religion of any kind.

2 responses to “Latest gun-free zone failure

  1. And yet again here we are trying to make reason of such an act. I am struggling to figure out why healthy adults stand there and answer questions about their religion and wait to be shot in the head. Are we truly that conditioned beyond self-preservation? Our best and our brightest young adults going to college to better themselves? And yet……….

    Have we become this hopeless?

    When the wolf comes, make a stand.

  2. Yeah, that’s weird. And worse, most of the students in this college are adults, not kids, even veterans. One vet apparently did attack the shooter but was cut down.