Executive Anus

I’ve conjured up a plethora of names for Barry Hussein, from Wormtongue for his habit of telling egregious lies, to Our Little Barry, for his petulant adolescent behavior in such as pretending to scratch his face with his middle finger.

But an 86-year-old gun dealer grandma in Roseburg, the Oregon town that was the latest victim of those stupid gun-free zones, has me beat all hollow. She calls His Earness “executive anus.” He sure is anal. Hasn’t had a new idea since he changed his name from Barry Sotero to you-know-what.

Indeed, if that Roseburg community college had had one good person with a gun (even their “security” guard was unarmed) to confront the evil that came calling, those dead students might still be alive. Instead, executive anus wants to make it harder for the good guys to get guns. Can’t get more anal than that.

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