Texas Fight

Strong’s team played physical. It ran the ball 58 times and in such dominating fashion, Texas had not one but two 100-yard rushers, and quarterback Jerrod Heard had to pass only 11 times to avoid complete boredom. His defensive line wore out the Sooners and put OU quarterback Baker Mayfield on his back six times. When he was upright, Texas harassed him into short gains on scrambles. For much of the day, the quarterback was running for his life.”

Sort of like what TCU did to Heard. Anyhow. It was quite a game. Not a loss and not boring. Running is not what most Big 12 teams do but if you have a dominating, blitzing defense like UT did you can limit their passing, eh, Chuck?

2 responses to “Texas Fight

  1. I haven’t watched UT in years, so I have no idea if Strong is a good coach or not. I know the MSM fawned all over him when he was hired, but I have admired the way he’s handled all of this, at least so far. Today’s win probably gives him next year, so we shall see.

  2. I think he’s a good motivator and his assistants are good at coaching. I think he had 2016 even if they’d lost today. This might give him 2017, especially if they win the next four: K State, Iowa State, Kansas and Tech. Only Tech should be tough. WVA will be tougher and Baylor the toughest of all. Ideally they need a winning season.

    But, you know, they used to say, back in the days before Texas was expected to be in the top 10 every year, that a UT coach could secure his job just by beating Oklahoma. And the Ags on Thanksgiving. But they don’t play the Aggies anymore.

    The fact that his team crowd-surfed him on the field, which will be a highlight reel item on the sports shows for the rest of the weekend, won’t hurt his chances either.