The Hoffman microcar

Proof positive that German engineering ain’t always the best.

The 1951 Hoffman micro with rear-wheel steering and a staggering six horsepower had everything imaginable wrong with it. Including the driver’s side door. As Road & Track explains.

Insty calls it the Plan 9 from Outer Space of cars.

Via Instapundit.

5 responses to “The Hoffman microcar

  1. When I was in Germany in the early 70’s, I remember a lot of three wheelers, I think some of these. We called them Kamikazes for their habit of lifting up on one wheel when turning.

  2. Guy at the link mentions that turning “feature.” 😉

    Still, I’m sure it would be cheaper than a Pious, er, Prius.

  3. Well, the term “engineering” covers a wide area of car manufacture. As far as design for comfort is concerned, I vote for French cars, although their quality control sucks. A car designed by French, tooled by Germans and quality controlled by Japanese will be that wet dream vehicle…

  4. Oh, and French cars are known for all kinds of new features too.