At Mizzou it’s all about powah

The protesters have it. The powah. Temporarily at least. Having ousted a university president. And they intend to hang onto it and remake the University of Missouri into Ferguson II.

A few local sportwriters I generally respect and one I consider a friend have written in support of the mostly-black Mizzou football team’s boycott threats, but I doubt even they won’t feel the need to retreat if this thing keeps getting out of hand.

Whatever the protesters believe, this ain’t the 1960s. That was so 45 years ago. And penny-ante bad words and possible hoaxes aren’t going to turn anyone into their allies forever. Even powah is fleeting. Ask any politician who’s ever had it for a while.

But, really, none of this is surprising. The American university died long ago. Done in by political correctness, micro-aggressions, and, increasingly, full-bore anti-Semitism.

UPDATE:  Tennessee law prof Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, would raise the voting age to 25. I’d go for thirty, except for those in military service who could vote at 18.

MORE:  Then they threw another tantrum when the Paris massacre drew media attention away from them. I’m sure they’ll be able to explain away the Muslim slayings.

8 responses to “At Mizzou it’s all about powah

  1. It is rather ironic that the institutions of learning, instead of heralding free speech, turned into witch cauldrons of intolerance. Spoiling our children is not a joke anymore, it is becoming a long range issue with no solutions in view. Spoiled, entitled and uneducated brats are taking over.

  2. You know Stanley, Missouri and Yale sure remind me of China’s “Cultural Revolution” and the “Black Lives Matter” of the Red Guards.

  3. I should have added that the Obamaites were watching this to see how far they could go. Now I see there will be a nationwide college protest shortly. I wonder if they’ll get as far as the “Bombard the Headquarters” campaign.

  4. Shouldn’t that be the “Bombard the Capitalist Headquarters.” Communists (and anarchists) were/are involved with Code Pink. They’re undoubtedly clinging to this group, too. How much actual influence they have remains to be seen.

  5. no, I think it was “Bombard the Headquarters”, by the Chairman, but I take your point.

  6. Snoop, here’s the Sultan on your theme:

    “We don’t have an adult totalitarian state, because we no longer have adults. Instead we have Lord of the Flies and Mean Girls. Overgrown children advance a totalitarian state out of spite and envy. Identity politics is everything because tribalism is more innate to children than it is to adults. Enemies have to be punished for emotional validation. Freedoms have to be eliminated out of insecurity.”

  7. I have already quipped somewhere else that in this case we are dealing with the Flies of the Lord that decided to become the Lord.

  8. Indeed, and I have to laugh at the Maoists (all but waving their little red books) turning on their keepers.