The “warmest temperature recorded” shuck

One of our local television station’s meteorology departments prints on their phone app the latest federal climate change do-dah, without any perspective at all: warmest October evah. Well, recorded, at any rate. Getting a little more serious with the claims, but not much.

Poppycock says a host of scientists: “Greenpeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore: ‘We are dealing with pure political propaganda that has nothing to do with science.'”

Via KXAN & Climate Depot.

3 responses to “The “warmest temperature recorded” shuck

  1. Hmmm. Up here in Soonerland, we were a whole two degrees above normal, not enough to warrant any Dread Warnings.

    • Um, the federal do-dah is for the whole country, Soonerland included, assuming you are part of the whole and not the aberration the Tea Sippers down here think you are. But they may have a point. Why else would the otherwise dreadful Longhorns have beaten Zero U this season?

      On the other hand, the thermometers measuring those two degrees are what’s more likely to be at fault than the climate. Not that the feds would ever admit it, but their weather liars are no more competent than FEMA on a good day.

  2. Dr. Patrick Moore – hmm… that might hurt.