First frost of the season

A light freeze for some around Central Texas, tomorrow and Monday mornings, but more likely a frost for us. And with gusty winds it will feel colder. A little early, perhaps, but not bad when you consider the lows will pop right back up into the 60s on Tuesday morning.

Considering all the federal hoo-rah over supposed global warming climate change, I do wish we could get back to warm winters. Haven’t had a real good warm one in several years. But at least this frost is more or less on time and not as early as previous winters.

UPDATE:  Then, on the coldest night since March, the furnace quit. Turned out to be a problem with the thermostat. As Mr. B. said: “Adversity builds character.” Or else it’s just a pain in the arse.

2 responses to “First frost of the season

  1. And to make it more serious: Prince Charles joined your Bernie Sanders in the diagnosis: global warming as a cause of terrorism. Now we all know what is what…

  2. Ah, yes, must be the weather. Can’t be religion or politics. Must be the weather. Stupid is as stupid says.