Bye, bye Confederates

I suppose it was inevitable. Especially in a largely liberal town like Austin. Rewriting history certainly isn’t uncommon elsewhere.

So it’s soon goodbye to Lee, Lanier, Johnston, Reagan and, possibly, Travis. All the names of local elementary and high schools. Although Travis is the Alamo personified and more about Texas history than slavery per se. But slavery is the issue du jour. Lee, Lanier, Johnston and Reagan being slave owners as well as Confederates.

Ironically, it was Travis’s slave Joe that brought us the most complete version of William Barrett’s death, having witnessed it, seeing as how his master had brought him along to the mission-cum-fort for what turned out to be his last stand.

Nevertheless, WBT could be next. When revisionism really gets going, no history is safe for long.

One I wish they would change is the residential street named Malvern Hill in South Austin. Some developer’s idea of commemoration, I suppose, though the battle by that name was a sizable Confederate defeat in 1862. Naw. Too obscure. Besides, in the current climate, a Confederate defeat would be a good thing.

4 responses to “Bye, bye Confederates

  1. Ethnic cleansing. Those folks who are always talking about respecting other’s heritages, don’t.

  2. Winston Smith, call your office.

  3. Hey, you’re back. You’ve been absent for a while. Things all better now?