Texas first: soft rocket landing

Blue Origin, the private space launch company that operates off I-10 near Van Horn in far West Texas, has finally done it: launched a rocket 62 miles high and then brought it back to a soft landing.

The dream of science fiction since forever should dramatically reduce the costs of space flight. And we have Jeff Bezos, a co-founder of Amazon, to thank. Best way to do that would be to shop at Amazon today and every day.

Via Fox News.

2 responses to “Texas first: soft rocket landing

  1. Of course it is the first of a kind and I was thrilled like any other fan of space exploration. However, let’s not forget that the other folks are trying to do something more difficult. Here is an explainer:


  2. Musk of SpaceX calling Grasshopper’s flights “sub-orbital” is laughable. Try under a thousand feet high. Nice work, but hardly 62 miles up. And SpaceX is only trying to land the Falcon’s first stage. Anyhow… Fun watching the principals argue. Hope they spend more time on the engineering. Plenty of room for more successes, when the government is not monopolizing the action.