The climate crisis of the elites

There’s nothing like photos of the Obama-Kerry power luncheon with the other elites of the Dictator’s Club (aka the United Nations) to demonstrate how the so-called climate crisis is really about us giving them our tax and utility money to go on being elites who will tell us how to live.

“There is a consensus among the political elites of the world that we must act immediately to expand trans-national government power, diminish economic liberty through taxes and regulation, shut down the fossil fuel industry, and redistribute wealth globally; all things the left wanted to do anyway. What a happy accident that these are precisely the things that must be done in order to save the Earth from Global Warming.”

I know they’re not going to get it by a vote from us little people. They may have most of the atheistic science world in their pockets, but there aren’t enough of the gullible among the rest of us to put it over.

So I presume they’ll try to take it by force—controlling our lives by taking away the coal we need for electricity and the oil for gasoline. While their lifestyles stay the same or even improve. Then we’ll see just how long they keep their power, among other things.

Via Gay Patriot & Instapundit.

2 responses to “The climate crisis of the elites

  1. Some people will have a comfy global warming for sure.

  2. Only until their selfish behavior catches up with them.