Bench-clearing in football?

Seen it in baseball, sure, but college football? Any football? But somehow, with the whole Baylor team on the Texas sidelines, only Texas gets a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Weird.

Nice to see Texas at 17-0, but it can’t last. Can it? Naw. Not this season.

UPDATE: Welll… At the half it’s Texas 20, Baylor nothing. Lots of Baylor penalties and lost yardage, turnovers, field-goal kickers missing, and losing their QB early on to injury, to be replaced by a guy who can’t pass very well (sort of like Tyrone, actually), has kept the Bears off the board. This can’t last. Can it?

MORE:  Well, it did and it didn’t. Texas got the upset 23-17, sure enough, but they managed only 3 points in the whole second half. It’s more likely that fate had it in for Baylor than that Texas proved to be a better team than we thought. They got lucky, while Baylor’s luck ran out.

2 responses to “Bench-clearing in football?

  1. There will be much consternation and discontent among the Baptists in Waco tonight!

  2. Heh. Indeed, but that’s been true of Texas fans all season. And stirring as this upset was, it really looked more like Baylor’s bad luck than stellar play by Texas.