Teach Texas women not to rape

The headline is a modified steal from the Instapundit who has long chronicled the surprisingly increasing incidence of middle- and high school teachers, who are generally women, sexually abusing their students.

Now the problem is a growing Texas one, according to the state Senate Education Committee. The Texas Education Agency says the number of investigations of “inappropriate relationships” between teachers and students grew from 141 in 2009-10 to 188 in 2014-15. Long prison sentences may help.

And, strangely enough, it’s not just women teachers taking advantage of male students. They’re using the disappearing content feature of such apps as Snapchat and Kik to get sexually involved with female ones, too. Maybe it’s time for the Democrat party’s feminists to focus on the high school reality instead of their pretend rape problem involving only men at the country’s college and universities. Ya think?

2 responses to “Teach Texas women not to rape

  1. Why would the female teachers be so desperate is a big question. Lack of men outside of the school?

  2. In the few cases I have read of the perps actually were married. In those and the cases where they are not married, which presumably includes the lesbians, it seems to be a power trip. Much easier to order a child around, at least at first ;-), than it is an adult. Which is why, whatever the consent may be, it’s called rape.