Milestones: Mr. B. goes to driving school

Gotta sign Mr. Boy up this week for driving school which starts Dec. 21, over the Xmas (PC version: winter) break. He’ll do it from 5 to 7 p.m., weekdays through Jan. 15.

Much better than the way I learned, with my short-tempered father in a department store parking lot, back in the day when stores closed on Sundays.

Then, as I understand it so far, we’ll take the school’s graduate certificate to the state and get him a learner’s permit. Which will require me to ride with him as he drives (oh, joy) Mrs. Charm’s car with automatic for a few months before he can qualify for the full license. Learning the manual transmission in my car will come later.

Time sure flies.

5 responses to “Milestones: Mr. B. goes to driving school

  1. I’m having trouble commenting on the weather post above. What I’ve tried to say is I use Fairbanks Alaska’s forecast to get an idea what will happen here 3-5weeks later.

    • Makes sense. Most of our cold fronts seem to come out of the northwest, though the big rains frequently come here from the southwest from the Pacific west of the Baja and over the mountains in Mexico.

  2. It can be pretty exciting; been riding with a grandson with a learners permit. I don’t think I’ll volunteer to teach drivers ed. The bad tempered father instructor remark struck home. My driving instruction by my Dad was in the wilds of Markam, Blessing, and Palacios. Mostly it was good instruction (Don’t expect people to obey yield signs), flavored by comments about “stupid little” whatever. Very little traffic and then too, we stopped off different places and shot the 45. So it had it’s ups and downs. Four? speed on the floor Crosley station wagon. I stalled out a lot on up grades eliciting the remarks.

  3. Yeah, Mr. B. will have an advantage learning on an automatic. Most of my father’s short-temper was induced by my struggle with the stick shift in that Northern Virginia parking lot. Not shifting to second fast enough and the occasional bucking. Then, oddly, by the time I got the solo license, in 1960, he’d sold the old manual (a 1946 Ford coupe) and bought a slightly newer car (a ’50 Chrysler) to drive to work, but it was an automatic. I got to drive it on Saturday-night dates and sometimes on Sunday afternoons. He never would let me do anything but ride in the family Buick which was an automatic.

  4. Ouch. This reminds me the days of that son of mine taking driving lessons which I was participating in (the St. Louis times…). Thankfully, his grandfather happened to be there for a period, so he took over my duties partially. Otherwise It might have ended poorly.

    At least here one has to go through the driving school, no parents are involved till they get the license. Then there is a compulsory half an year or so when an adult has to be present… not a pleasure too.