Cold winter ahead

Never mind the climate lies from Paris and the White House, nor the warm December we’ve been having so far in Central Texas, the cold is coming. Boy, is it coming, according to WeatherBell Analytics forecaster Joe Bastardi:

  • Overall, a snowy, colder than normal winter is expected in the South and East
  • Core of winter will be later rather then earlier
  • December could be very warm with February very cold
  • El Niño is a big influence but not the only factor

Snow here would be a minor miracle. It happens occasionally but only just. But in so generally warm a climate, a bitter cold and wet month (i.e. February) would be plenty impressive enough.

4 responses to “Cold winter ahead

  1. Fairbanks is inland so it’s not as affected by oceanic influences.

  2. Ah, a non sequitur, except I know you’re referring to your comment on the driving post.

  3. A “non sequitur”?!?!? Stanley I try not to bring religion into the conversation.

  4. Oh, actually I came by to bring some weather-related news:

    This might explain the different situations in Arctic and Antarctic re ice formation, without any need to involve CO2 and similar…