Teach Texas women not to rape 2

Seems like only yesterday. It was Dec. 9, actually, we were recounting a legislative committee’s finding that some Texas women high school teachers are having trouble avoiding sexually abusing students: statutory rape it’s called.

Comes now Haeli Wey, a former math teacher at posh Westlake High School on Austin’s prosperous west side, who faces up to 20 years in prison for not one, but two, second-degree felony charges of sex with 17 year olds.

You know a convicted male teacher would get the max time. Haeli certainly should, too. Then maybe this growing epidemic of Texas women teacher rapists would at least diminish, eh?

2 responses to “Teach Texas women not to rape 2

  1. Really inexplicable. That Ms Wey, judging by the pictures, is quite a looker. Shouldn’t have a problem in attracting eligible males. And she couldn’t be so stupid as to ignore the law. Some kind of a perversion there, I would suspect.

    • Power, it’s all about power. Much easier for her to boss around a kid than an adult. Notice she is accused of cheating on the one boy with the other one. If she’s guilty I hope she gets prison time.