A Christmas story, sort of

“We bluff and bluster,  seemingly in control of our little slice of life.   In reality,  every one of us is connected with invisible threads to every other human on this planet.”

The Way It Was…and now it isn’t

Good stuff from Andy at MyOldRV

4 responses to “A Christmas story, sort of

  1. Not just humans, but everything is connected to everything else. I used to feel that very strongly, but that was when I was eating 500mg of LSD every week.

    Now, I still think it’s true, but I don’t FEEL it so much… I’m kinda sorry I got so scared of acid I quit using it. There are some good things about it. Ask Ken Kesey.

  2. I rode that bus “Further” for a while.

  3. Shoot. All I ever did was grass. And now that I’m a role model for a motherless adolescent I can’t even do that.

  4. ………and never leave the farm.