It’s getting deadly out there

I already knew the traffic on Austin streets was intolerable. I suspected more than the usual number of people were dying in crashes or being run down. I didn’t realize how bad it was–102 dead in 93 wrecks last year. Up 62 percent from 2014.

Or that 34 percent of drivers in those 93 crashes either had suspended licenses or never had one to begin with. Gee, I wonder who they could be. Wink, wink.

6 responses to “It’s getting deadly out there

  1. Donde estas su insuranca, por favor?

  2. No me habla Espanol, senor.

  3. The main reason I maintain a good level of uninsured motorist coverage on my truck. It does not seem to be of much concern to “them” — more of just a way of life.

  4. Yes, I have noticed how “they” like to cross in the middle of the street, often with a child in tow, ensuring another pedestrian run-down. Probably common in Old Mayheeco. Licensing and insurance probably not much concern as the pols hereabouts keep the cops playing double-standard on applicants for Austin’s “sanctuary city.” The daily dutifully reported the absence of licensing but didn’t mention the insurance angle or the driver’s origin, though the cops certainly knew both. Can’t be too hard on those new Democrat voters. Could be just errant Anglo Californicators, you know.

  5. Wow, that is a high number. We have somewhere around 400 dead per year for the whole country. Granted, a small one, but still about 8.5 million against Ausitin’s 900 thou or so.

  6. It is a shocking development, one into which I am not enthusiastic about turning Mr. B. loose as a new driver this coming summer, but trying to argue him out of it would be most unpleasant and not likely to work.