Cat food carnival

Senor Gato turns his nose up at Simply Nourish brand venison and duck cat foods. So far seems to like Meow Mix brand beef and chicken and tuna. Any seafood, maybe. Or maybe not. Finicky eaters, cats.

I can see why they’d get bored with the same old chow day after day, though I tend to like being stuck in food ruts, myself, but I’m not a furry critter. I wouldn’t sleep sixteen hours a day if I could. Well, maybe if I could.

So the search for a reliable wet food Pumpkin will eat goes on. I’m going to try and hold him to 50-50 wet and Friskies dry. Not only for the expense of wet but the really stinky poop it produces. Any cat lovers out there have a suggestion?

UPDATE:  No suggestions coming, I moved on to two new brands Senor Gato actually likes: Purina and HEB’s house brand. The latter seems to hit the spot every time and it’s cheaper than the former.

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