What goes in, comes out

I think it’s one of Newton’s laws. The main one had something to do with, uh, the gravity of the situation. What goes up must come down. Unless it goes into orbit. He didn’t know from orbits. But this proves jalapenos aren’t the only intestinal destroyer.

“The following evening, I was reminded about yet another property of the Ruby Root, having been momentarily horrified at the reddish color appearing in the porcelain bowl. ‘Holy crap!’ I thought. ‘Am I passing another kidney stone?’ And then I remembered the beets.”

I haven’t remembered a beet since childhood, when ma-man used to served them sliced from the can. I think it was a can. Haven’t seen one since.

Via Lost In The Cheese Aisle.

2 responses to “What goes in, comes out

  1. Yes, that can discombobulate a man.

  2. At least they don’t (I presume) burn like jalapenos do on the downside.