Go get ’em, Ted

Somewhat surprising that Ted won Iowa, beating out the Trumper and Rubio both, but whether it will mean anything in the long run remains to be seen.

It wouldn’t be unusual for someone else, say Trump, to win New Hampshire and then a third GOP candidate to pull in South Carolina. Leaving Ted to muse over what happened to his Iowa triumph.

What might happen is a full-court press (basketball term) by the GOPe to undermine our Ted, whose conservatism must make even Trump look good to them—RINOs that they are.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  The Trumper accuses our Ted of stealing the Iowa election. Of course he does. Losers always suspect cheating. How else could their brilliance be ignored?

MORE:  That was too easy. I predicted Trump might win New Hampshire and sure enough… The best our Ted can hope for is third after some guy from Ohio. These Yankees, sheesh.

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