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Go get ’em, Ted

“’To those listening, please, don’t stay home in November,’ he said. ‘Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.’

“At this, the crowd stirred in discontent. Heckling broke out in some quarters. Boos could be heard behind the applause. Cruz was unfazed. As he closed, the volume in the stadium kept rising, equal parts applause and booing. Some were aghast, others elated as it dawned on everyone that Cruz was going to finish without endorsing Trump, and that he had appealed to the delegates and voters at home to ‘vote your conscience.’

“Then Cruz smiled, waved, and walked off the stage. He knew exactly what he was doing.”

Cool, Ted. Maybe it’ll help down the line. But I’ll still vote for Trump, because the alternative would be so much worse.

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Go get ’em, Ted

Somewhat surprising that Ted won Iowa, beating out the Trumper and Rubio both, but whether it will mean anything in the long run remains to be seen.

It wouldn’t be unusual for someone else, say Trump, to win New Hampshire and then a third GOP candidate to pull in South Carolina. Leaving Ted to muse over what happened to his Iowa triumph.

What might happen is a full-court press (basketball term) by the GOPe to undermine our Ted, whose conservatism must make even Trump look good to them—RINOs that they are.

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UPDATE:  The Trumper accuses our Ted of stealing the Iowa election. Of course he does. Losers always suspect cheating. How else could their brilliance be ignored?

MORE:  That was too easy. I predicted Trump might win New Hampshire and sure enough… The best our Ted can hope for is third after some guy from Ohio. These Yankees, sheesh.

Marco vs Hillary

I doubt the Democrats really are afraid of this matchup in 2016. But at least they understand that Our Little Barry broke the white-men-only ice and women-and-minorities are the likely winners of the White House for the foreseeable future.

So although I would prefer Ted Cruz, or even gutsy Carly Fiorina, it’s more realistic to go with Marco. He has the good looks and the charisma they lack as well as a pretty smile. Handsome does win political races. And Hillary ain’t.

Indeed,  “If Mrs. Clinton were to win the presidency, she would do so under a cloud of distrust unprecedented in any of our lifetimes.  She would have no honeymoon period and would not deserve one…America would be split asunder at the beginning of a Hillary presidency as never before since the Civil War.”

Not that I expect the Stupid Party’s honchos to allow MR to be nominated. No, they will go with Jeb. And lose. And Hillary will follow our Little Barry into distrust and disdain. Once-more-into-the-breach, the Stupid Party will go, battering their heads against the new brick wall until they finally figure out they can’t win with a white Anglo male.

Go get ’em, Ted

Much as I like our senator Ted Cruz, I have to admit he has no chance of being nominated by the Republican Party for president in 2016. And he’s astute enough politically, I’m sure, to know that the Republican primary caucuses, which choose the nominee, are run by the party’s establishment and they have already chosen Jeb Bush.

So why is Ted running? Most pols would do it just to raise a big chest of campaign money they could then plunder for living expenses, careful to follow the letter of the (not-very-strict) campaign-money laws or flaunting it, as is their wont. Democrats aren’t often called on it. Being a Republican, Ted would be, so he’d probably be careful.

But I think Ted is unusually honest for a pol, and so he’s probably running not to fatten his wallet but to build up his name i.d. beyond Texas, while working behind the scenes to influence the party’s establishment for next time in 2020. After Jeb loses in 2016, which he surely will if the Hildabeast is his opponent. As now seems assured.

Good luck, Ted

The racist Democrat operatives of the news media already are on your case, not even 24 hours after you announced for president. You’ve already become NPR’s “white hispanic,” second to George Zimmerman, killer (in self defense) of the thug Trayvon.

What amazes me is how many Hispanics let them get away with this. Not every Hispanic is brown, as some of the whiter ones will quickly remind you. And they’re white because their ancestry is full-blood Spanish. No Indio.

But it won’t bother Ted. He’ll just use it against the Democrats. He may not win the nomination but it will be fun watching him kick ass trying. Go get ’em, Ted.

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UPDATE:  Althouse:  “This is a truly powerful speech. Just brilliant.” The thing about Ted, for those who don’t like him, is that he offers one of the very few chances we have left to stop the continual growth (and intrusiveness) of the federal government.

MORE:  The daily called the speech a “pitch,” the headline writer unable to control his politics. No surprise there.

AND:  To the New Yorker, Ted’s an “uppity loudmouth.” Well, he is a Texas senator. Swagger comes with the job. And the guaranteed disdain of NYC leftists.

Much as I like Ted Cruz…

I think he should save his money and do something else with his time besides running for president. Let Romney go down in flames before the Bush juggernaut. No reason to get all excited about Ted and Alan West abolishing the IRS, the EPA, the Department of Education, etc. Pipe dreams all. Good ones, sure. But just dreams.

The Stupid Party is bound and determined to nominate Jeb and he’ll get all the big bucks. As if his Hispanic wife was going to be enough when the Dems put up the Hildabeast for their presidential candidate. And every voter with a uterus will vote for her.

As if one more white male had a chance at the White House now that Obongo has broken the ice. Get a minority (hi Ted!) or get a woman (hi Joni Ernst!) or forget it. But they won’t listen. They’ll go with Jeb. It’s his turn. And lose. Again.

Obamacare for the Internet

Our good Texas senator Ted Cruz hopped right on Wormtongue’s latest “progressive” assault on capitalism and free enterprise: asking the FCC to declare the Internet a public utility.

Remember the old monopoly phone company? That was a public utility. It was highly regulated. Just like the Worm wishes he could do to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. He’ll settle for Drudge.

As Ted brilliantly sums it: “The Internet should not operate at the speed of government.” Hopefully with a Republican congress it won’t. At least for a while longer. Until the inevitable tide of graft overwhelms the, ahem, principaled pols and their cronies at the FCC.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  “Net neutrality” and public-utility style regulation are about Internet freedom, just not the way advocates think….The threat to Internet freedom is government control. That means that if you care about liberty, you should oppose Net neutrality…”